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Camping cabins by the beach

New to Tenerife is an accommodation option for visitors which may appeal to our MTB visitors. Camping Montaña Roja has recently reopened it's gates with the addition of some lovely cabins which offer a handy self catering option for those on a budget. Prices start from 70€ per night based on 4 people sharing the cabin, that's only 17.50€ per person which has to be a bargain.



Camping Montaña Roja is situated right by the La Tejita beach so is a perfect base for a dip in the ocean to ease tired legs after a day on the bikes up in the mountains. The site itself has free wifi for all guests and has a good little cafe / bar and minimarket on site. You can find more details on the cabins by visting the website at cabin

6 Months with Huck Norris

Back in February this year I started the build of my latest Kingdom HexLS frame into this years guiding duties missile. As usual I specified Hope products for much of the build, so E4 brakes, Hope cranks and of course HopeHoops with the latest 35W rims. 

On seeing the rims I decided that this build would be my first trip into the world of tubeless and all the anticipated pain and heartache that for the last few years I've been telling myself comes with going tubeless. However, I was more than a little bit worried that the really low profile of the 35W rims and the anticipated lower tyre pressures that I would run when set up tubeless would be cannon fodder for the trails here. Anyone who has ridden here can testify that the trails aren't exactly smooth, most routes consit of rock gardens and lots of loose rocks and stones flying around. Having read a few things online, I decided to turn to Huck Norris to help keep my new wheels as straight as possible. After a quick email chat with the guys at Huck Norris, (who I have to say were very responsive) and it was agreed that I should go for the size L product based on my 35mm internal rims and the 2.35 Maxxis rubber.

The inserts were easy to trim down to length for my 27.5" wheels and easily slotted into the tyres giving a positive pressure on the sidewalls of the tyres. I'm sure this probably also made the tyres a little easier to seat onto the rim.

So the last 6 months haven't been incident free. But not one single episode of burping the tyres and no pinch flats, so all great. I did however suffer a total of 3 sidewall cuts, but to be fair, I can't see how the Huck Norris system can stop this when riding through rocks with razor shap edges at times. But bringing pressures up a few PSI (Now running 23psi) and this seems to have been cured and (touch wood) I haven't slashed a sidewall in a while.

What I can say though is that when I slashed the sidewalls, the ensuing instant deflation and then slowing to a stop in such rocky terrain I'm sure would have trashed my rims had I not fitted the Huck Norris liner.

Today I needed to freshen up the rim tape on the rear wheel as it was starting to leak. After cleaning up the Huck Norris insert I can clearly see the huge number of cuts in the insert where the tyre has been trapped against the rim and the Huck Norris has done its job in stopping pinch punctures and rim dings. I can only assume that without the insert my rear rim would be pretty battered by now, as it it, it has a few scuffs on it from the loose stones flying around, but no dings. For me, that's money well spent!

Huck Norris


For this insert I think it's days are up and maybe 6 months riding doesn't sound very much, but bear in mind that this bike is ridden in very rocky terrain on average 5 days a week, so that's a fair number of riding hours and more than you might do in a year or more, so that makes the price of the Huck Norris system at around 55 quid much more palatable.

Note: This is not a sponsored article, we paid full retail price for the product.

RAD8 MTB Glasses - Review

So recently I was accepted onto the RAD8 MTB Glasses Ambassador program. About 1 month ago I received a couple of pairs of their Model 502 glasses, one with the red mirror lens and the othyer with their blue mirror lens, both of which are polorised too.

Firstly the frames, well, they seem to be of a high quality with hinges which are positive and just stiff enough to let the arms stay put when you move them and that they're not flapping around if for any reason you're trying to pop your glasses back on while riding. There is also a nice amount of flex in the frames which should help if you happen to drop or squash them, or worst case have a little face plant in them. The nose pad is comfy and adjustable, it also looks to be replaceable too which is a nice touch.

Model 502

So on to those lenses. I was a little confused at first as the mirror coating suggested a different tint to that given, so the red mirror glasses gave a very natural blue tint which is easy on the eye, where as the blue mirror lenses gave a yellow / orange tint which works great when in slightly lower light levels as it gives a bit of a boost to the trail making it easier to spot features.

Both options use polorised lenses which I have to say are a revelation. The image through the glasses is so incredibly crisp and clear, I can't remember such an incredible difference even with an old set of Oakley's which also supposedly had polorised lenses.

So far these lenses have done their job and kept light levels just perfect when riding, helping to avoid the eye strain than can occur when riding in such strong sunlight as we generally get here. However, being that it is still officially winter, there have been some cloudy days too, where the blue mirror lenses really come into their own and also a good old monsoon type rainy day where I was able to test out the anti-fog claims of these glasses and lenses. I'm not sure what the coating is, but it works better than any other glasses I've ridden in the rain, the only time they misted up was when I accidentally breathed on them, but that rapidly cleared.

We will have a couple of pairs of these glasses in the minibus, so if you'd like to try some for yourself just ask. Please just remember to give them back at the end!


Red Mirror Left - Blue Mirror Right

Here is an example of the colour of the two lenses. Maybe not the best example but gives the idea. Taken with a phone camera through the glasses lens. Red mirror lens is the left hand picture, Blue mirror is the right hand picture.

Finally the all important pricing. Currently all glasses are available at for the bargain price of just 88 GBP. Now that is a bargain for the quality!



Fifty - Fifty AM35 Stem

We have been using the Fifty - Fifty cycles AM11 flat pedals for a year or so now (Remember...Flat pedals win medals kids!) and recently received a batch of the new AM35 stems. These are available in a full range of colours with top quality machining and are bang on point at 35mm length. The colours are fantastic, with only the orange being a slight disappointment as the finished article is more of a bronze colour and not as lustrous orange as some other anodized products out there.


Rad8 MTB Glasses

It's a great pleasure to be able to spill the beans that we've been accepted onto the Rad8 Ambassador program. Not much to tell you just yet, but we're looking forward to trying the current crop of Rad8 eyewear and being able to report back to you as to how well the fit and just weather the optics are as good as they sound.

Keep an eye out for the first review, but in the meantime, why not check out the range at