by Discount Bluehost

Bluegrass Goldeneye Helmet

Over the summer I spotted a bargain on Chain Reactions. Yes, I know I probably should browse elsewhere when I've nothing better to do, but hey.

So the Bluegrass Goldeneye trail helmet was down to 50 quid, which is a great price, so as I was ordering some bits for a friend I thought I'd add one to the order.

Golden EyeFirst impressions were that it is a well constructed helmet, it was immediately comfortable and well ventilated, but then I started to see a couple of issues. Firstly, the plastic shell doesn't wrap around the edges of the EPS foam, so after a while it's going to start looking pretty rough with bumps and dents. The second thing I found was that the straps seem to twist and then don't sit comfortably at the side of your face. But they were minor things. The major issue became apparent on the first ride out.

The Golden Eye uses a s¡licone sweat band on the forehead, all well and good and it is comfortable, but the channels in this band seem to direct the sweat into your eyes with drops hitting the inside of your glasses to further interfere with your vision. I also found that after a couple of consecutive days of use, the silicone band left a line of dry skin on my forehead.

A quick solution hyas been to borrow a wrap around foam band from an old helmet to cover the silicone one, but I'm still not happy with the way the straps sit against my face, so it looks like this lid will be quickly relegated to the spares bag.

My score is a 3/5