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Since 2013 we have been using the fantastic Hope brakes. Initially with the Tech 2 X2 and M4 brakes and currently with the Tech 3 X2 and E4 brakes. All the Kingdom bikes are fitted with the fantastic E4 models, offering fade free, progressive braking. Perfect for the loose descents here in Tenerife where you need great modulation and feel from your brakes. The standard bikes (Marin Mount Vision and Wolf Ridge) use the X2 brakes, which offer a little less outright power, but are perfect for the easier XC rides and yet still up to the challenge of a little enduro action.

The rider experience is enhanced with the fantastic drilled lever, which gives great feel and grip. There is also both reach and bite point adjustment to allow you to dial in that perfect lever position and bite point for you.

From our point of view, they also offer great value. Yes, they are a little more expensive up front, but unlike lots of other brakes out there, they are fully repairable with all the components available to service and repair your brakes. That has to be more eco friendly than throwing broken brakes away!

We look forward to a long relationship with Hope products whilst we fly the flag for UK engineering here in the Canary Islands!