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7 Protection

7idpAnother great company that have been good enough to work with us. We now have the 7iDP M2 trail helmets on hand for you to try out on the trail. Comfort, venting and great coverage, all at a price that puts some other manufacturers to shame.

M2 Enduro Trail Helmet

The Cycle Jersey - Purveyors of fine cycle jerseys.

TJC smallWe started working with Brian at from very early on. Brian was good enough to print up a small run of jerseys for us and even delivered them personally (ok so he was coming over on holiday anyway). We've used these jerseys pretty much daily and found them to be really durable. The colours have lasted really well, zips on the XC style jerseys all still function perfectly and the stitching is top notch.

They have been through the wash cycle far too many times to count and still look good although after 3 years they have picked up a few stains on the way, some due to washing accidents on our part and the others due to the nasty red dirt up in the North of the island.

Bottom line is that we think make a cracking product.

Lavatrax Tenerife MTB 3/4 sleeve JerseyWhy not take home your own piece of cycle jersey quality kit in the form of a Lavatrax Tenerife MTB custom riding top. Available in 3 different styles, classic XC, Short Sleeve Freeride and 3/4 or Full Sleeve DH. At only 39€ each, custom made and delivered to your home, it won't even affect your baggage allowance!

TF Tuned Suspension

TF Tuned. Our choice for servicing and repairs to Fox, Marzocchi, Push, Specialized, Canondale, 5th Element, Manitou and RockShox

tftunedOK, so we don't send our shocks and forks off very often as we do basic servicing ourselves. But on the occasions where something more than new seals are required were big fans of the service from the guys at TF Tuned. Quick turn around and great communiucations means that we're never in the dark about the work required and the cost. That and the shock / forks come back tuned for the type of riding we have here on Tenerife.