VIP Bike - Kingdom Hex

Kingdom's Hex is the perfect Enduro Machine

2018HexSide 580x2xThe Hex is a 160mm front and 145mm rear travel super bike. Crafted from titanium and carbon fibre the bike weighs in at a cheeky 13Kgs. With a 1x10 drive train and the new defacto standard 650b wheel size the Hex is the perfect bike for the technical trails here in Tenerife. 
Most of the fleet are running RockShox suspension front and rear and braking is handled by the ever reliable Hope Technologu E4 brakes. Size M bikes currently have dropper posts, we hope to add droppers to the S and L sizes soon.
See what Guy Kesteven of What MTB and MBR thought of the Hex HERE
The Hex is my personal favourite ride and the natural choice for our high end VIP hire bike, we know you'll enjoy it!
Currently available in sizes - 
Small - Suits rider heights from 155cm to 170cm
Medium - Suits rider heights from 165cm to 180cm
Large - Suits rider heights from 175cm to 190cm
NOTE - Currently we have a rider weight limit on the Hex of 105 Kg (Around 16 Stones) as we have found that with the leverage rate on the rear we cannot achieve the correct suspension sag even with the shock at the maximum allowed pressure. We hope to be able to address this with a different shock tune or different shock to be able to remove this restriction soon. 
Prices - 
1 day - 50€
2 days - 100€
3 days - 135€
4 days - 180€
5 days - 215€