by Discount Bluehost

Bike related questions

We get lots of questions about tyres and what to bring for your bike.

Tyres and tubes, or tubeless?

Tyres are much about personal preference, but we recommend a dual ply tyre for the Enduro / AM routes as the trails are very rocky. Pinch flats are all too common as are slashed side walls. Don't think that flashy sidewall protection systems are going to help either, they slash just as easily as a standard tyre.

We use or have used the following tyres with good results - 

Maxxis Minion and High Roller

Schwalbe Hans Dampf

Continental Baron

Panaracer Fire FR

Bontrager Team FR

For the XC routes a lighter tyre is fine, although there is still a risk on some of the rockier trails that sidewalls can pick up cuts, so choose the strongest tyre you feel you can put up with.

Tubeless works well so long as you don't damage a sidewall.

Standard tubes are fine but a heavier tube is worth the weight penalty for a flat free ride.

It is worth bringing a few spare tubes as you will also be riding in cactus territory, these bad boys take no prisoners and will leave several thorns in your tyre if you give them half a chance.

We also carry a stock of stanard tubes which are available to buy for 3.50€ each.


General Spares

We recommend that you bring with you anything that is particular to your bike. Items such as a mech hanger may cost a few quid, but having one could save your holiday when you've made contact with a rock.

Brakepads are readily available for more common brands such as Shimano, Avid and Hayes. But more exotic brands such as Hope or Formula can be harder to find, so it is worth having a couple of spare sets with you.

Other than those items, pretty much everything else is available from local bike shops.