by Discount Bluehost

What is the terrain like?

What is the terrain like in Tenerife?

The terrain here varies depending on where you choose to ride on the island. But, in general, expect to find it rocky!

There is a great network of forest roads which are reasonably smooth and great for people wanting to go Cross Country riding, these are well used by the local XC riders but do take some following as they are not generally sign posted.

Outside of the defined forest roads there are a large number of disused caminos, senderos and other trails which can be incredibly rocky and loose. Extended rock gardens are not uncommon on our trails, especially the DH routes, but even the more technical XC routes involve some pretty technical riding along rocky singletracks littered with boulders, steps and drops. Just remember, that these are natural trails, mother nature doesn't tend to go easy!

However, go to the north and you will find the trails a little more forgiving, with much more soil around, the trails can be more like a UK forest trail, with tree roots and rocks around, but in general, more smooth flowing dirt than technical rocky stuff.