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Tenerife Weather

What is the weather like in Tenerife?

The weather on Tenerife can change greatly depending upon your location on the island. Sometimes even by only driving 5 or 6 kilometres you can move from dark heavy cloud to bright uninterrupted sunshine.

The warmest climate is to be found on the south and west sides of the island, but up on Mt. Teide where the peak is 3718m (12,198ft) above sea level, cold winds and even snow are not hard to find, especially in the winter months.

Tenerife has the lowest average temperature difference between the summer and winter seasons than anywhere else in the world. Hence the island has been nick named the land of the eternal spring time. The weather does occasionally include rain but there is no specific rainy season.

The minimum and maximum annual average air temperatures (not the temperature you'll feel when sat in the sun, this is much higher) are about 15