by Discount Bluehost

Our Privacy and Data Security Policy


Here at Lavatrax we promise that we will never share your information with any third parties at any time.

Any information provided as part of the booking process, such as medical information, insurance information, next of kin etc will be kept until your trip or holiday has been completed and will then be deleted or if paper copy it will be shredded and destroyed.

It's as simple as that. We will not share or sell your information.

The only exception being that sucessful candidates from MIAS MBL courses will have to agree to have their details shared with the MIAS organisation for the purpose of registration and provision of their certificates and ID cards etc. MIAS have their own privacy policies for the data that we may supply to them with your permission.


We will utilise all available security measures in an effort to stop your emails etc from being accessed by unauthorised parties. So, strong passwords and two factor authentication and fingerprint access where available as standard. Mobile devices will also be run in encrypted mode to secure any information should the device be lost or stolen.