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Siam Park

Siam Park is the one of the newest attractions in the south of Tenerife.

Siam Park's construction started in 2000, it was originally due to open in May 2007, but it encountered many  construction problems. The park finally opened to the public on September 17, 2008.

Siam Park has a Thai theme to all of its rides, park buildings, and restaurants. The park's 25 buildings are the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside Thailand. The park's designer, Christoph Kiessling, received permission from the Thai royal family to use the park's name and theme; but, to respect the family's wishes, he did not copy royal palaces, temples, or statues of Buddha.

In addition, the restaurants serve Thai food as well as family favorites. The park also has a Thai floating market.Siam Park Waves

The park has 12 different water rides, and the brilliant wave palace on the Thai beach area. The park currently holds the record for the largest man made wave which stands at about 3 metres high and was voted the worlds number 1 water park by Trip Advisor reviewers.

Tickets can be purchased online through the official Siam Park website.

Windsurf and Kite Board

If you want to maintain the high speed theme to your mountain bike holiday here in Tenerife, then how about trying your hand at Windsurfing or Kite Boarding.

The town of El Médano here in the south is a mecca for all water sports enthusiasts, with a number of windsurf and kite board schools and hire centres in the town to cater for your needs. El Médano enjoys a perfect position to benefit from the prevailing wind of the island and benefits from around 290 days of perfect surfing conditions each year.

In the past El Médano has hosted rounds of the Windsurf World Championships and only last year (2010) hosted a round of the Kite Board Championships. El Médano is a town favoured by many pro boarders as their winter training ground, which speaks volumes for the quality of the seas and winds at this spot.

If you fancy trying your hand on the water then why not try Sogni Canarias, Umberto is a competent and experienced kiter and a funny guy! Kitesurf and Surf School in Tenerife - Kitesurf, Surf and Windsurf (

Even in El Médano, kitesurfing has become the most popular water sport and the fascination of gliding or hovering over the water with a kite and a board is attracting more and more people.

In the meantime, the technical standard of kites has grown and the quality of teaching with it. This makes it possible to reach learning success in a relatively short time. Perfect year-round climatic conditions on Tenerife and a unique flat-water spot at our neighbouring bay La Tejita make this even easier.

Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento or translated, The Cave of the Wind is the largest lava tube in Europe.

The tube was created by lava flowing from the Pico Viejo which is just along side the more well known Mount Teide which itself is the highest point in the whole of Spain.

A visit to Cueva del Viento gives you an insight into the role of lava flows in a volcanic eruption, and offers you the chance to see the whimsical forms sculpted by the lava in the bowels of the earth. Is a fine example of the complexity of geology. There are three different passage levels in the more than 17 kilometres of tubes, together with beautiful geo-morphological phenomenon like chasms, terraces and other lava formations.

Directions and reservation information can be found on the Cueva del Viento website. It is advisable to reserve at least one day before your visit.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving may not be your immediate thought when looking for things to do on your trip to Tenerife.

But, the cristal clear blue atlantic waters are an excellent place to dive whether you are a beginner or a fully qualified diver. There are hundreds of sites each unique and home to a plentiful selection of marine life including Turtles, various species of Rays, Octopus, Barracuda, Angel Shark, Sea Horse, Canarian Lobster, Moray Eel, Puffer Fish, Roncadores, Trumpet Fish, Cuttlefish, Wrasse, Trigger Fish, Sea Anemone and Dorada to name a few! There are interesting wreck dives, dives with swim throughs and impressive caves that can be admired from a safe distance. The ocean around Tenerife is awash with beautiful varieties of sub-tropical fish, coral and fascinating volcanic rock formations.

Jungle Park

Jungle Park or sometimes referred to as the Eagle Park is located in the village of Chayofa which is just above the resort of Los Cristianos.

It is a fabulous place with plenty of animals to see including one of only 27 white lions remaining in the world, but the crowning glory has to be the spectacular free flight display of the parks Birds of Prey Show. With eagles swooping only inches from your heads and vultures casting their shadows, this is a great experience. The park also has a spectacular exotic birds show, also with plenty of free flight action.

Other attractions here include the Jungle Raid, a network of rope bridges, nets and tunnels through the trees, great fun for kids and adults alike, but don't forget to take a ride on the Bob, an 800m long bob sled run twisting through the park at pretty high speed. Great fun, but unfortunately it's not included in the parks entrance fee.