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Windsurf and Kite Board

If you want to maintain the high speed theme to your mountain bike holiday here in Tenerife, then how about trying your hand at Windsurfing or Kite Boarding.

The town of El Médano here in the south is a mecca for all water sports enthusiasts, with a number of windsurf and kite board schools and hire centres in the town to cater for your needs. El Médano enjoys a perfect position to benefit from the prevailing wind of the island and benefits from around 290 days of perfect surfing conditions each year.

In the past El Médano has hosted rounds of the Windsurf World Championships and only last year (2010) hosted a round of the Kite Board Championships. El Médano is a town favoured by many pro boarders as their winter training ground, which speaks volumes for the quality of the seas and winds at this spot.

If you fancy trying your hand on the water then why not try Sogni Canarias, Umberto is a competent and experienced kiter and a funny guy! Kitesurf and Surf School in Tenerife - Kitesurf, Surf and Windsurf (

Even in El Médano, kitesurfing has become the most popular water sport and the fascination of gliding or hovering over the water with a kite and a board is attracting more and more people.

In the meantime, the technical standard of kites has grown and the quality of teaching with it. This makes it possible to reach learning success in a relatively short time. Perfect year-round climatic conditions on Tenerife and a unique flat-water spot at our neighbouring bay La Tejita make this even easier.