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Siam Park

Siam Park is the one of the newest attractions in the south of Tenerife.

Siam Park's construction started in 2000, it was originally due to open in May 2007, but it encountered many  construction problems. The park finally opened to the public on September 17, 2008.

Siam Park has a Thai theme to all of its rides, park buildings, and restaurants. The park's 25 buildings are the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside Thailand. The park's designer, Christoph Kiessling, received permission from the Thai royal family to use the park's name and theme; but, to respect the family's wishes, he did not copy royal palaces, temples, or statues of Buddha.

In addition, the restaurants serve Thai food as well as family favorites. The park also has a Thai floating market.Siam Park Waves

The park has 12 different water rides, and the brilliant wave palace on the Thai beach area. The park currently holds the record for the largest man made wave which stands at about 3 metres high and was voted the worlds number 1 water park by Trip Advisor reviewers.

Tickets can be purchased online through the official Siam Park website.