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Cross Country Route Grading System


The Lavatrax Route Grading System

We have created a route grading system which consists of two elements, the first being the technical difficulty of the ride based upon the trail conditions and obstacles that you are likely to encounter on the ride and the second element being the perceived level of fitness required to complete the ride. In some cases, the fitness score is loaded a little due to the route having a tough climb at some point, so if you see a route that you like the sound of, but are not sure that you meet the suggested fitness level, then please ask for advice.

Technical Difficulty Grades

Level 1 - Reasonably smooth surface requiring only basic bike handling skills and the ability to use brakes and gears effectively

Level 2 - Some loose surfaces may be encountered which require the rider to have some previous exposure to off road biking

Level 3 -Some loose surfaces may be encountered and some sections of single-tracks which require the rider to have some previous exposure to off road biking

Level 4 - Extended single-track sections with the possibility of drops and steps up to 30cm. Good understanding of line choice, bike positioning and rider weight distribution required.

Level 5 - Full on rocky terrain with tight switchbacks, loose rocky descents and larger drops or trail obstacles. Regular black route riders only.

Fitness Level Grades

Level 1 - In good health, can manage a brisk walk whilst maintaining a conversation

Level 2 - Average fitness, takes some regular excercise

Level 3 - Above average fitness. Rides or takes fairly strenuous exercise on a regular basis

Level 4 - Mr or Mrs Fit! Rides for a couple of hours 2 or 3 times a week, or takes similar durations of other types of exercise

Level 5 - Super Fit! Racer or serious fitness fans.