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Enduro / All Mountain Route Grading System



The Lavatrax Route Grading System

We have created a route grading system which consists of two elements:

1-the technical difficulty of the ride based upon the trail conditions and obstacles that you are likely to encounter on the ride

2-the perceived level of fitness required to complete the ride.

In some cases, the fitness score is loaded a little due to the route having a tough climb at some point, so if you see a route that you like the sound of, but are not sure that you meet the suggested fitness level, then please ask for advice.



Technical Difficulty Grades

 Level 1 - Reasonably smooth surface requiring only basic bike handling skills and the ability to use brakes and gears effectively

Level 2 - Some loose surfaces may be encountered which require the rider to have some previous exposure to off road biking

Level 3 -Some loose surfaces may be encountered and some sections of single-tracks which require the rider to have some previous exposure to off road biking

Level 4 - Extended single-track sections with the possibility of drops and steps up to 30cm. Good understanding of line choice, bike positioning and rider weight distribution required.

Level 5 - Full on rocky terrain with tight switchbacks, loose rocky descents and larger drops or trail obstacles. Regular black route riders only.


Fitness Level Grades

 Level 1 - In good health, can manage a brisk walk whilst maintaining a conversation

Level 2 - Average fitness, takes some regular excercise

Level 3 - Above average fitness. Rides or takes fairly strenuous exercise on a regular basis

Level 4 - Mr or Mrs Fit! Rides for a couple of hours 2 or 3 times a week, or takes similar durations of other types of exercise

Level 5 - Super Fit! Racer or serious fitness fans.



Weekly Enduro / All Mountain ride schedule

Weekly Enduro Tour Program

Our standard 5 day program of Enduro rides which take in the best routes that the island has to offer. You can find a more detailed description of each route below.

Monday: Retamares Descent

Tuesday: Vilaflor Caminos

Wednesday: The Trail With No Name

Thursday: Pipeline Passage

Friday: Area 61

We have other routes available and will be happy to substitute one of these for the normal scheduled ride provided that there are no prior bookings. Please just ask and we will do our best.

All tours are subject to a minimum group size of 2 riders unless by prior agreement or you have reserved a private guide.

We can cater for up to 11 riders by prior arrangement. 



Retamares Descent

Starting at an altitude of 2200m above sea level the Retamares Descent is a popular trail choice for those wanting a descent but without being too technical.The route starts out on a fast flowing fire road, but don't relax, the surface is very loose and slippery and bravado here is often rewarded with a good dose of gravel rash!The trail then changes as we pass into loose volcanic gravel and then back into fast and flowing as it works it's way down the hillside. Soon we enter the single-track section with it's tight loose switchback descent and bedrock sections through to the view point at Boca del Paso.From here we take a few minutes to admire the stunning views over the whole of the south coast from Los Cristianos through to Callao Salvaje.After a final piece of single-track and some farm tracks we make a tarmac descent into the town of Adeje where we break for lunch before tackling the last off road section now affectionately known as "The Exfoliator" which runs along the pumice ridges adjacent to the Barranco del Ingles ending on the coast close to the village of La Caleta. 

Approximate transfer time from south coast resorts - 1hour 15minutes

Distance: 28kms -Technical Difficulty: 3 - Fitness Level2 - Riding Time: 2.5 to 4 hours 


Altitude Profile 

 Retamares Profile


Vilaflor Caminos

This route is a development of the classic Vilaflor - Madre del Agua XC loop. For this ride, we ride the loop in an anti-clockwise direction climbing along the dirt tracks and eventually coming back to the main road at around 1850m above sea level. Crossing the road we have a choice of trails to take us back down to Vilaflor, one "Joya Escondida" is a tight but relatively flowing trail and the other a raw, rocky track which certainly wakes the senses. After a short lunch break in Vilaflor, we cruise through the town to pick up our next trail. This starts off as a farm track, but soon narrows into a loose rocky single-track which descends and crosses a minor road several times as it takes a direct route down the hillside finally dropping us into the town of San Miguel at about 600m above sea level. From here we quickly pick up the Camino Aldea Blanca, which has long been a favourite short technical descent, but now makes even more sense as it can be combined into a longer ride. We follow this rocky singletrack into the village of Aldea Blanca before a short tarmac stint which takes us back to the minibus and onward transfer back to your hotel.

Approximate transfer time from south cost resorts - 1hour

Distance: 32km - Technical Difficulty: 4 - Fitness Level: 3.5 - Riding Time: 4 to 6hrs


Altitude Profile 

Caminos Profile


Trail With No Name

The Trail With No Name - This is a new addition to our route portfolio and replaces the old Contador Beef route which claimed a few too many broken bones and so had to be sidelined for now. This new route starts on the hilside above Vilaflor and initially takes in a climb of a around 200m to get up to our highest point of the day at a few metres under the magic 2000m point. From here we point the bikes downwards, initially on some fast and loose gravel road before we meet our first singletrail known as "Helipad" which is a rough singletrack which if it isn't running on stone setts which are several hundred years old, it's running on loose fist sized stones and gravel, keeping you on your toes all the way. We then head into a section which will hone your bike surfing skills before making another short but tough climb up to the Colorada singletrail. This one is a gem, with more surfing and some tight turns and bouldery sections. After a short road climb we hit the Hermano Pedro trail with some technical rocky riding before we head into the town of Charco del Pino for a deserved rest. After lunch we head off still followind the Hermano Pedro route and into a short section of trail with some built features, drops, jumps and berms before dropping through the darkest tunnel under the motorway and taking in the final few kilometres of trail around the airport and popping out directly on the beach in El Medano. All in a future classic ride for our weekly bundle.

Distance: 38kms - Technical Difficulty: 4 - Fitness Level: 3 to 4 - Riding time: 2 to 3 hours


Altitude Profile  

TWNN Profile


Pipeline Passage

Pipeline Passage - The is a development of the Las Ratamares Descent which we came up with to add a little more rocky forest singletrail into the perennial favourite. The trail shares the same start as the Retamares Descent, initially on super fast, loose and rocky jeep trail, before we branch of and descend deep into a barranco (ravine) and the Madre del Agua water station. From here we have to shoulder the bikes for a 5 minute climb up narrow singletrail and along the pipeline passage as we cross a giant water pipe a number of times on our way up to join the forest singletrail. From here the trail gives a different aspect to the riding that Tenerife has to offer, with swoopy singletrails diving in and out of the trees and through rocks and boulder gardens, at times the trail is super steep with switchback turns on a trail that is barely visible before we finally make it to El Refugio for refreshments. The final part of the trail then takes us through tough moulded lava rock terrain, with big steps and cactus awaiting on every corner. We love to ride this new addition to our trails. We're sure that you will too!

Distance: 30kms - Technical Difficulty: 3 to 4 - Fitness Level: 3 - Riding time: 3 to 4 hours

IMG-6306web.jpg IMG-2055web.jpg IMG-5050web.jpg

Video taster of the Pipeline Passage route.

Altitude Profile 

 Pipeline Profile



Area 61

Area 61 has been refreshed and is back on the menu. Starting at around 1900m above sea level we head off along heavily broken jeep track for a short time before turning off onto highly challenging tracks made of of large sections of bedrock which demands your full concentration as it reveals its many hollows waiting to trap a front wheel and eject you swiftly over the bars. Working our way along these trails for around 5kms we climb a short way into the new "Park" section which has some manmade features to keep you amused before we eventually arrive in Vilaflor at a height of around 1400m where we take a quick stop for coffee before heading off again.

A short cart track climb follows and we work our way through to the Trevejos area before hitting a super fast roughly cobbled track for a suspension testing blast. From here we hit super tech volcanic trails, littered with loose lava rocks and gravel, once again demanding every ounce of concentration to make sure you stay rubber side down. A short section of tarmac then takes us through to the finale with the descent from El Roque down to the village of Aldea Blanca on semi sculpted singletrail with inviting switchback turns and narrow rock gateways and the end of our ride at a height of around 200m above sea level.

Distance: 24kms - Technical Difficulty: 4 to 5 - Fitness Level: 3 - Riding Time: 3 hours

DSCF0872web.jpg IMG-1300web.jpg IMG-3272web.jpg

Video taster of the Area 61 route.

Altitude Profile 

Area 61 Altitude Profile