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Trail With No Name

The Trail With No Name - This is a new addition to our route portfolio and replaces the old Contador Beef route which claimed a few too many broken bones and so had to be sidelined for now. This new route starts on the hilside above Vilaflor and initially takes in a climb of a around 200m to get up to our highest point of the day at a few metres under the magic 2000m point. From here we point the bikes downwards, initially on some fast and loose gravel road before we meet our first singletrail known as "Helipad" which is a rough singletrack which if it isn't running on stone setts which are several hundred years old, it's running on loose fist sized stones and gravel, keeping you on your toes all the way. We then head into a section which will hone your bike surfing skills before making another short but tough climb up to the Colorada singletrail. This one is a gem, with more surfing and some tight turns and bouldery sections. After a short road climb we hit the Hermano Pedro trail with some technical rocky riding before we head into the town of Charco del Pino for a deserved rest. After lunch we head off still followind the Hermano Pedro route and into a short section of trail with some built features, drops, jumps and berms before dropping through the darkest tunnel under the motorway and taking in the final few kilometres of trail around the airport and popping out directly on the beach in El Medano. All in a future classic ride for our weekly bundle.

Distance: 38kms - Technical Difficulty: 4 - Fitness Level: 3 to 4 - Riding time: 2 to 3 hours


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