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Pipeline Passage

Pipeline Passage - The is a development of the Las Ratamares Descent which we came up with to add a little more rocky forest singletrail into the perennial favourite. The trail shares the same start as the Retamares Descent, initially on super fast, loose and rocky jeep trail, before we branch of and descend deep into a barranco (ravine) and the Madre del Agua water station. From here we have to shoulder the bikes for a 5 minute climb up narrow singletrail and along the pipeline passage as we cross a giant water pipe a number of times on our way up to join the forest singletrail. From here the trail gives a different aspect to the riding that Tenerife has to offer, with swoopy singletrails diving in and out of the trees and through rocks and boulder gardens, at times the trail is super steep with switchback turns on a trail that is barely visible before we finally make it to El Refugio for refreshments. The final part of the trail then takes us through tough moulded lava rock terrain, with big steps and cactus awaiting on every corner. We love to ride this new addition to our trails. We're sure that you will too!

Distance: 30kms - Technical Difficulty: 3 to 4 - Fitness Level: 3 - Riding time: 3 to 4 hours

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Video taster of the Pipeline Passage route.

Altitude Profile 

 Pipeline Profile