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Pipeline Passage

Pipeline Passages is a route of exciting rocky single trails.

Start on a super fast, loose and rocky jeeppable dirt road, before branching off and descending deep into a barranco (canyon).

From here we begin the real rock & roll on a fantastic rocky single trail, alternating sliding sections with other damn hard and bone shaking with swooping singletrails that plunge in and out of trees and through rocks and boulder gardens, sometimes super steep with hairpin bends drawn on a barely visible trace.

The final part then takes us through molded and hard lava rock terrain, with large steps, loose stone curves and cactus waiting at every corner.

We finish the tour through two last sections that are faster and with infinite curves with support on soft ground alternating with more bumpy sections, which bring us directly back to the urban area of ​​Los Cristianos / Las Americas.

Distance: 27kms - Technical Difficulty: 3 to 4 - Fitness Level: 3 to 4 - Riding time: 3 to 4 hours

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Video taster of the Pipeline Passage route.

Altitude Profile 

 Pipeline Profile