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Area 61

Attention: expert riders only!!!

Starting at around 1900m above sea level, after a short stretch along a jeep track, we begin a very challenging route made of large stretches of rock that require your full concentration for the really rough surfaces, ready to trap your front wheel and suddenly catapult you over the handlebars.

Riding through these rock gardens, we go up a short stretch in the "Park" section with some artificial features to entertain you but without being able to relax too much given the constant technical difficulty, alternating fast and technical, steep and flowing ..

After a short asphalt link we head to the Trevejos area to reach a super fast cobbled track for an explosive suspension test that introduces super technical volcanic trails, littered with loose lava rocks and gravel and steep solid rock walls again. once requesting every ounce of concentration to make sure you stay with your tyre facing down. All alternated with breathtaking north shore-style bridges.

A short stretch of asphalt then brings us to the end with the descent from El Roque to the village of Aldea Blanca on a semi-sculpted single trail with inviting hairpin bends and narrow passages of treacherous and sharp rock to end in a narrow and fast single track that finally leads to the ubana area at a height of about 200 m above sea level.

If there is a little energy left and not too much wind in the face, we can get to the sea with a quick further single to cover a last short stretch of suggestive paths along the coast.

Distance: 24/28 kms - Technical Difficulty: 4 to 5 - Fitness Level: from 3 to 4 - Riding Time: 3/4 hours

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Video taster of the Area 61 route.

Altitude Profile 

Area 61 Altitude Profile