by Discount Bluehost

Guided Riding Prices

We do our utmost to make our guiding as affordable as possible, making it more accessible for you, the riders to enjoy your favourite sport in a foreign country.

In fact, we have not increased our prices since 2011! There are not may out there who can say that!


Single day ride  - 50 Euros per person

 2 days guided riding - 100 Euros per person

 3 days guided riding - 144 Euros per person

 4 days guided riding - 192 Euros per person

5 days guided riding - 225 Euros per person

Please note - Guiding prices are based on you providing your own bike. Bike hire if required is extra. Details can be found on our Bike Hire page.

Accommodation is not provided as part of our guiding packages and should be arranged separately, if you would like some help or recommendations then please drop us a line.