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Advanced Home Mechanic


The Advance Home Mechanic course is the logical step on from the Home Mechanic course that we offer.IMG 3217Lavatrax - MTB Advanced Mechanics It takes your skills to the next level to give your skills a more complete range and enable you to tackle pretty much any job on your bike.


This course is for the home mechanic already comfortable with the basic bike maintenance routine and who wants to go to the next level. The candidate should have already completed the Home Mechanic Course or already be able to demonstrate competance in the areas covered by that course.


  • Bearing servicing and replacement in Headsets, hubs and full suspension pivots
  • Basic suspension service (Rear aircan service and front fork wiper seal and oil change
  • Spoke replacement and basic wheel truing

The course is held in the Lavatrax workshop, transfers to and from the workshop are included in the price. Refreshments and a sandwhich lunch are also included. Candidates are invited to bring their own bikes to work on giving them the opportunity to service their bike under supervision. Parts are not included and should be supplied by the candidate.

Price - 90€ per person

Dates - Flexible on demand subject to minimum numbers