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Peaty's Trail Pouches

We're pleased to now be a stockist of Peaty's sealant here in Tenerife. Currently we are stocking the Trail Pouches of sealant which are a great portable top up for those moments when you suddenly realise that the existing sealant in your tyres has dried up just when you need it to do it's job and seal that hole! The trail pouch is not just portable, but designed to offer trailside replenishment. Simply remove the valve core and connect the end of the pouch to the valve stem, give it a little squeeze and hey presto! A little unicorn magic inside your tyre and ready to fill all those holes again. Peaty's is fully biodegradable, even the little sparkly particles which help plug those larger holes.


Peaty's trail pouches are only available to buy in person, no shipping, sorry. Grab yours while you're here for only 9€ each. And if you happen to use your pouch while you're here on your riding holiday, we'll refill it with a fresh 120ml of sealant for only 4.50€ Can't say fairer than that!

Suspension setup with Shockwiz

We can now offer the Quark Shockwiz device for rental. Take the opportunity to dial in the settings on your fork and shock while enjoying the trails and go back home with your bike dialled in correctly. Shockwiz is compatible with most air shocks and forks, you can see the list of incompatible units here - Shockwiz Compatibility



Paired with your smartphone and the Shockwiz app (Available to download for iOS and Android) the Shockwiz conects to your phone via bluetooth and after recording the performance of your fork or shock it provides suggestions to adjust the tune to suit you and your riding style.

Rental prices are -

  • 1 day - 20€
  • 2 days - 30€
  • 3 days - 40€
  • 4 days - 50€
  • 5 days - 60€

There is also a refundable deposit of 100€ required on rental.

NOTE: Only available to visitors riding with us on our guided rides. We will not ship Shockwiz at the current time.

Lavatrax Freeride Jersey

Grab a momento of your Tenerife riding experience with one of our Freeride style riding jerseys. 

lavatrax freeride jersey

These top quality jerseys, made in the UK to order by our friends at The printing is sublimated so won't fade or peel after a few washes, in fact we are still using some that are almost 4 years old and still look good. 

The Freeride jersey is cut slightly larger and has a V neck, it is available in either short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or full sleeves to suit your preference. The long sleeve versions have an elasticated ribbed cuff to keep the sleeve in place. 

Sizing - 

Small - 35" - 37" Chest

Medium - 38" - 40" Chest

Large - 41" - 43" Chest

X Large - 44" - 46" Chest

XX Large - 47" - 49" Chest

Delivery is FREE within the UK.

order now

Jersey orders are now handled directly by our suppliers at The Cycle Clicking the Order Now button will open a new browser window directly to our jersey on their website.

Lavatrax - Clever Standard Tyre Lever & Quick Link tool

The tool you've all been waiting for !

Lavatrax - Clever Standard


Quick-links, that double edged sword of convenience and infuriating knuckle scuffing. There to make it easier to fit and split your chain for maintenance, but as the number of speeds went up from 8 to 9 and now on to 10, 11 and even 12 those pesky quick-links got more and more difficult to open just with your fingers.
A few months ago I came across this product called the "Clever Standard" which is an ingenious combination of tyre levers and with a quick click, they slot together and become a tool to easily open your quick-link. Simply awesome, two useful tools for the price of one. Great for those emergency repairs on the trailside, but equally at home in the workshop. 

Buy with your friends and save!