by Discount Bluehost

Peaty's Trail Pouches

We're pleased to now be a stockist of Peaty's sealant here in Tenerife. Currently we are stocking the Trail Pouches of sealant which are a great portable top up for those moments when you suddenly realise that the existing sealant in your tyres has dried up just when you need it to do it's job and seal that hole! The trail pouch is not just portable, but designed to offer trailside replenishment. Simply remove the valve core and connect the end of the pouch to the valve stem, give it a little squeeze and hey presto! A little unicorn magic inside your tyre and ready to fill all those holes again. Peaty's is fully biodegradable, even the little sparkly particles which help plug those larger holes.


Peaty's trail pouches are only available to buy in person, no shipping, sorry. Grab yours while you're here for only 9€ each. And if you happen to use your pouch while you're here on your riding holiday, we'll refill it with a fresh 120ml of sealant for only 4.50€ Can't say fairer than that!